Monday, 19 September 2016

A Question to all Auckland Mayoral Candidates in the local body election: PUBLIC TRANSPORT

A Question to all Auckland Mayoral Candidates in the local body election: Have you looked into lowering the cost of Public transport? What are the profits and revenues being made by public transport service providers? As an Aucklander I feel the cash price of 5 dollars for two stages from (Mt Albert to Auckland) is way too much. I have a Hop card and student concession and it is still very expensive. People I know drive cars and get lifts to avoid the costs of public transport. I don't see why Goldcard holders should be allowed free transport while Students are not! I feel the cost of Public Transport needs to be reexamined and lowered to entice people to use it! Christchurch had some free and very cheap bus fares when I last visited a while ago now! If we are a Supercity we can do much better Moss

If I was standing for Mayor of Auckland I would...

If I was standing for Mayor of Auckland I would collapse the Auckland housing market and get rid of all domestic and international price speculation and Capital gains people are making from the market. Houses are for living in they are not a means to a profitable business by exploiting others who are not privileged enough to own a home! If you want to have a business there a plethora of other industries and other ventures to look into. Buying up houses and renting them out to families struggling to get by makes my blood boil. Worse are people who jump into bed with banks purchasing houses to flip them months later slicing off a tasty immoral profit. I have seen half of my extended family who lived in Auckland immigrate to Australia to improve their quality of life. The condition of the housing from what I know dramatically increased. Auckland not yet a Supercity!

A good pair of shoes
Can transform a tramp
Into a King

this is for the ones who didn't make it

You seem trapped like a stoat slowly dying
Lost in a cycle of self-destruction and praise
One finger on the button of the nuclear bomb, hand on your crotch
Could you do it kill woman, children, husbands indiscrimantly
In an instant flesh burnt to dust by the man made sun of Hiroshima

Underlining pain and turmoil married to social unrest
Black slaves in the street know the real pain of the oppressed
Are you reader willing to fight even die at my side
 in an army of citizens swaying marching left right left right
Reaching out hands poised with serated knives
 or will the state do us in and steal our lives
Why not simply save face and conceal the magic of swines

A hundred years a thousand more and were still no closer to peace on earth
Locked in the throws of rapture brought on by torturing your toes
 we languish embedded in a holy war of symbols ruled by an aristocratic asterisk
The rich the poor everyone suffering due to impounded interest and slanted economics
Our world the great leveller crushing us into a small tidy compressed trash can
Of False humility and wickedness black grimy and festering
We grow and improve forever imprisoned in a cacophonous groove
In an eternal return to dance across stars like a melancholy moon
Who speaks "life is so pretty but it always ends so soon"

Onwards upwards climbing pecariously in the pit of hell
The work must be done our minds reforged for a labour ensues
Fighting off depression evil thoughts sharper than sickles and swords
At the same time we are becoming what you dreamt a million times
For Inside us lies dormant the keys to a universe of joy
Like a newborn child humanities essential character is good

David Merrit - Describing the role of the poet in New Zealand society

David Merritt from Paris Mercedes on Vimeo.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

musing on ideas in Zarathustra

Dry your eyes, there's no use in crying
we all live under the moon at night
were wolves howl and nightmares roam
that is until the flaming sun comes out
bringing life renewed to those who wander 
like scared animals being hunted we hide
praying for one last day to feather our nests
before our bodies decompose under moss covered trees