Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Yellowbelly (NZ) Release New Single "Emily Joy Morrison" (Vomit Punk)

Yellowbelly have released their new single "Emily Joe Morrison" Streaming below as a "Free Download". It's the first song off their forthcoming e.p as of yet untitled. They're a heavy Kiwi rock band with plenty of snarl and a winning attitude coming straight out of Papakura.


Words from Yellowbelly;

We totally didn't rip off anyone while recording this.
Thanks to Moss at Rocawave Records for helping us record our "odd" sounds and for not saying any harsh words; thank you to the people who may or may not choose to listen.

smile emotic

Emily Joy Morrison (lyrics)
Pour your crown
Burn your lungs
Tie your hair

Lick your palms
Cut yourself
Twist a smile

Close your eyes
Sharpen your teeth
Aimer un son


Released May 2, 2016 
Thanks to Moss for recording and mixing, you're a real prince. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Cream E.P - Released on Soundcloud via Rocawave

Hi guys here's The Neo-Kalashnikovs latest offering 'the Cream E.P' recorded late last year in 2015. I hope you enjoy listening to the record and take away something from the piece of art we made because we really enjoyed making it for ya ;) Rock On The Neos

Released April 22, 2016 on Rocawave Records

Recorded by Olly Harmer at The Lab  

and Moss Bioletti at Rocawave studio, Mt Albert. 

Mastered by Chris Graham in Columbus, Ohio

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Neo-Kalashnikovs "Cream E.P" is OUT NOW!!! :)


A giant thank you to everyone involved who helped us make this record and to all our fans and supporters super stoked :) enjoy Moss 

Monday, 18 April 2016

endorphins twirling like floral skirts

endorphins twirling like floral skirts
lilac and indigo wild flowers crimson and gold
with spoiled petals floating to the floor

curling inward the plants protect their newest leaves
photosynthesis occurs even whilst they sleep
the bumbling honey bee takes joy in fertilising a flowers every need
turning pollen into sinful manuka honey
only to have the fruits of his labours snatched from his jaws
stolen from the hive and his stunningly eloquent queen

the livestock ramble in naive bless frolicking in emerald paddocks
inherited wealth stretches on in endless hectare after hectare
modern workers carry out their feudal forbearers tasks with gusto
not knowing their income is derived from senseless killing and
the poisoning of virgin waterways

the landed gentry sit idle twirling their thumbs as
milk solid prices rise and fall like the romanticists self-esteem
but all is dandy and plain just another hundred acre rural bliss
the fortunate preside over the common folk
in their colloquial gumboots crowned by a leather cowboy hat
their tattered raincoat a shadow lords royal garb

Baudrillard's Thinking Summarised in Prose

regulated, policed controlled mapped
the apocalypse has already happened 
just go with it don’t mourn its to late 
splitting reproductive organs won’t help
still more humans multiply rapidly 
like heroic, holograms, digitising  
select cut copy paste threads of dna entwined 
new technology forsaking old sensations 
neglected dopamine enough to fill a chorus
angelic visceral raptors communicating 
in the hyper real under the rule of a bilingual mutant 

illegal citizens want to reverse engineer history 
without the might of Arnold Schwarzenegger's bulging biceps 
while we down vertigo cocktails induced 
by the sheer scale of human knowledge 
dwarfing whales like an ocean devoid of 

The old world has been ripped open for the last time
like the outdated format of a physical newspaper 
gmo plants melt like a scientific experiment gone wrong 
the new world is tease running late but still on time 
Un-realised by Google waiting for patents pending on future AI brains that can code endlessly without food or sleep
Stuck in the middle like a classic rock song
demand for generic rhetoric booms busts and grows stale 
slimy poetic politicos slowly giving way to mongrel mob rule

The Beehive like the White House 
wants to simplify and solidify your lives 
with propaganda and surreptitious lies 
Please make no attempts to think read or write 
for politics is simply a game like watching
your favourite sports team on your computer screen
accept the players are fat and white 

An american Professor from beyond the grave squeals 
the self is lost 
like a post-modern joke on the human race 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

A Litmus test for a Misanthropist


Is the general hatred, distrust or contempt of the human species or human nature. 

It develops when one is without art and one puts complete trust in somebody thinking they're absolutely true and sound and reliable

Occurs as a potential result of thwarted expectations or even excessively naïve optimism.

I believe the litmus test for a Misanthrope is someone who hates everyone in the world but the person they are in love with.  

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Crawling in a Box Propelled by Circular Legs - catching up with B1 & B2

Caught up with my good friend B1 and B2 earlier in the week. I thought there was a jazz gig happening at Orleans downtown but I got to the bar just to be told it was the day before, I couldn't believe how I could've read the poster wrong, I had specifically borrowed one from a notice wall at uni to make sure when it was, then I resigned to the fact that it was a genuine mistake bhhaaa who likes stupid jazz anywho well except Art Pepper and Coltrane.

I quickly called my friends on route to New Orleans and so we went to plan b a much better call usually every time and always far more entertaining. The guys were still crawling into the City in a metal box propelled by circular legs. So in the meantime I got a murder burger which was actually bloody great. Tourists and rough sleepers flopped around the food court in quiet resignation their excitement turned to exhaustion demanding power naps and the congestion of fast food deep fried and dangerous.

I thought back to Earlier in the week while eating my chips I was troubled by a coconut water drink I had enjoyed in a food court off Shortland st (I had foolishly chosen to eat at struck down with a colossal inner city hunger risking death life and limb to enjoy a good meal) the reason for my pondering was due to my dad telling me how Monkeys in Thailand are collecting coconuts off trees to supply the demand for the plethora of cheap coconut water drinks available in NZ! Whilst I drank the water my mind subconsciously searched for traces of monkey in the liquid the tests proved inconclusive and got transferred to my fried frontal cortex.

After I finished my walking meal ironically from the same restaurant I once picketed for firing and mis-treating their workers I moved out into the mid-autumn night. I footed down the grey scratched  street tiles heading up a flaming hill to High st and waved across the deserted square at my friends 30 metres away blatantly drinking in public near a water fountain spewing out thousands of litres of water. We talked some shit then went to get a drink at the Blue stone room, an old ass place off Queen st, outside the venue littered everywhere like drunk leaches Coporate workers drowned their fractured identities with drink after drink off wine, beer and booze, down the hatch. I ordered a black Monteiths beer, B2 choose one to and the ever smooth B1 got hard liquor on ice most likely a blend.

We had a good yarn about B3's recent trip across the ditch to Melbourne. The geezers were surprised at all the whacked out beggars, bums and junkies on the street, thankfully their hard knock host materialised and made it clear the streetwise are pretty much harmless munters. B3 talked about the amazing amount of legal highs available in Ozzy especially in club bathrooms which they thought might even be not so legal. Well sounded like they had a ripper time just one big drunken blur of debauchery just what the doc ordered. They mentioned the famous street art everywhere and the strong indie music scene with bands and venues going for it even on a Bloody Sunday. I quickly took a piss and we made like the good lord and got the flock out of the bluestone room, note to self find out why they call it that name must be about the stone walls of the building i reckon, but are they earthquake proof.